Vector of a businessman trying to reduce stress level at work

While a job well-done is always gratifying — especially in an industry as vital as commercial cleaning — the general demands of doing so can take its toll on any facility cleaning manager, building service contractor (BSC) or distributor. From constant hiring struggles to figuring out a complex supply chain, it’s easy for even the strongest-willed managers to feel overwhelmed. While there will never be a magic elixir to resolve all stress, Indeed put together a list of handy tips for managing stress:


There are a myriad of reasons why a manager may not distribute tasks as much as they should. It could range from being so comfortable doing it themselves that they fear a drop in quality otherwise, or the assessment that an employee isn’t ready for the task yet. Regardless, managers could alleviate a lot of stress by finding appropriate things to delegate. Worst-case scenario, it provides a team member the opportunity to showcase their abilities, and if they fail, more is learned about team dynamics. 

Establish Boundaries

Especially in the world of easy-access to emails or servers, it’s very tempting for managers to even spend their weekends or other time off-the-clock checking emails. While this may be viewed as making the next day less stressful, it’s more likely to just exacerbate whatever is on the manager’s mind if they never truly disconnect and recharge away from the job. Managers may be surprised at how less tense they feel if they set time barriers and truly commit to them. 

Physical and Dietary Habits

While this isn’t a new revelation by any means, an overwhelmed manager could find themselves not taking care of their bodies the way they need to be. Mistakes such as poor dietary decisions or erratic sleep schedules will inevitably take both a physical and mental toll if they aren’t accounted for. It won’t be an overnight process, but taking small steps such as setting aside 30 minutes of exercise, writing out a grocery list of healthier foods, or setting reminders to go to bed at night can slowly produce better habits and a sharper mind to take on the next day’s work. 

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