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Having a diverse pool of employees can provide a wide range of benefits to any kind of business, and those within the commercial cleaning realm are no different. With varying ages, backgrounds and personal life experiences comes a higher likelihood of fresh ideas to both further the success of the company and happiness of an employee base as a whole. The first step in achieving this is ensuring an inclusive hiring process — a practice easier said than done. To get a better idea of what companies can implement in this regard, Business 2 Community shared three applicable tips to maximize inclusive hiring at businesses.

1. Writing A Purposeful Job Description

When it comes to posting senior positions in particular, companies can inadvertently repel candidates away without realizing it. Examples of this include listing a long range of “necessary” skills in order to apply — many of which can’t be met without ever first getting an opportunity elsewhere in the first place. Take a deeper look into what “necessary” actually means, and if many of those requirements can be reasonably taught once the position has begun. Other ways to avoid repelling candidates is to be clear about expectations, such as what “flexible hours” actually entails as it relates to company culture. 

2. Blind Screening

Whether intentional or not, people have a tendency to want to hire people they deem similar to themselves, which if repeated over time can create a very similar employee base with similar strategies and mindsets. Companies can avoid this through blind screening, which includes removing candidate names, years worked at different companies, colleges attended and more. 

3. Offer To Make Adjustments

Instead of waiting for a candidate to ask for certain specifications (such part-time remote work or a specific office setting to maximize productivity) be proactive on the front end and let them know you’d be willing to offer them adjustments. Doing so takes the burden of questioning off of them and makes the company feel more accommodating to the candidate. Even something as simple as providing a timeline of what to expect in the interview can go a long way.

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