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Employee turnover has routinely ravaged much of the janitorial industry lately, as a strong economy has given the average employee more job choices than they generally would have. There’s a good chance this trend will continue, too. Less than half of the 2,000 respondents in a recent survey of 2,000 employees say they are happy with their current job, according to Hays, a large job recruitment agency. More than 80 percent of the respondents in that same survey say they would leave their current job for the right offer.

The lose of employees hurts a lot of aspects of a company, one of which being the bottom line. To better avoid turnover and all of the bad things it brings to business, read these three suggestions on preventing it, according to Forbes.

1. Allow workers to grow

Employees love having the ability to grow within their position and even move up to a more advanced position within their company. However, a third of workers say their employer doesn’t give them enough opportunity to grow. As a result, companies should make sure to provide their workers with a culture that fosters learning and professional development.

2. Make work less boring

When work becomes monotonous, employees get bored. And when employees get bored they start looking for other job opportunities. Companies can reduce the amount of monotonous worker their employees face by investing in tools that better automate workflow, such as robots. (Walmart is already doing this for its cleaning staff.)

3. Embrace artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps companies to identify why turnover is occurring and what workers are most likely to leave next. Using this data, companies can be proactive and make the changes necessary to retain staff.