Milwaukee, WI USA September 23 2018 Fiserv Forum Milwaukee Bucks Arena

The Milwaukee Bucks have unveiled a very 2020s alternative to the traditional "kiss Cam" that has traditionally been used at sporting events.

The Bucks are now playing the "Hand Sanitizer Cam" at their home games held at the Fiserv Forum in downtown Milwaukee, according to Awful Announcing. Much more appropriate for today's times than the often awkward Kiss Cam, The Hand Sanitizer Cam encourages fans shown on the stadium's jumbo screen to put their hands in the air so that they can get a pretend squirt of sanitizer from the giant bottle located on the side of the screen.

Theoretically, the Hand Sanitizer Cam is a good thing, as it seems to encourage people to maintain hand hygiene through the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there's just something about the Hand Sanitizer Cam (which can be seen in action in the Awful Announcing blog post) that's a little uncomfortable. 

Whatever hand sanitizer the Bucks are pretending to administer, let's hope it's not on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's hand sanitizer ban list.