In what types of facilities are custom mats most popular? Why?

Public facing facilities like: supermarkets, malls, restaurant, banks, and even medical facilities have the greatest need for brand impressions so, visually customized mats are important for them.
For shape customization, the truth is, almost every facility has some area that a custom option is the best choice. Facilities managers are really resourceful people and they usually try to figure out a solution to make standard mats work. However, they may be sub-optimizing their floor safety program in doing so. Public facing facilities have the greatest need for custom shape/size solutions because their risk from inadequate floor coverage is magnified by general liability claims.
  — Daniel Silver, Vice President of Product Development, New Pig, Corp.

Custom mats are most popular in large class A buildings, hospital and healthcare facilities, hospitality facilities, government buildings and schools and universities. Ultimately, this type of matting is most popular as smaller mats are not as effective in larger facilities. In addition, custom mats provide a crisp, clean looking entrance, which is of high importance to many facility managers.
  — Aaron Mills, Marketing Manager, 3M Commercial Solutions Division

Custom mats are popular in all facilities. Any entrance, no matter what your business entails, needs matting. Mats help keep your facility clean, dry, safe, and looking good! Custom anti-fatigue and safety matting are also necessities. They improve worker safety, comfort, and productivity. 
  — Brian Evans, National Sales Manager, Superior Manufacturing

Custom mats are most popular in large corporate office buildings, as well as healthcare and education facilities.  These buildings have larger or unusually shaped entrances and lobbies. Branding is also a major reason for custom mats in retail and hospitality, as well as the previously mentioned facility types.
  — JoAnn Durette, Vice President of Marketing, Mats, Inc.

Class A office building, colleges/universities, hospitals, large schools, etc.  These facilities want to give their visitors a great impression as they first walk into the building. The larger custom mats also do a better job at keeping the floors in the building cleaner by trapping the maximum amount of dirt and debris on the mat and not letting that be tracked beyond the entry way.
  — John Miller, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Americo Manufacturing

Custom sized mats are required with in many different types of facilities wanting the best solution for their needed space. Custom logo mats are purchased by a wide range of customers as well.  The most common facilities would be Schools, Restaurants and Hospitality. These facilities are all high traffic and image conscience customers wanting to further brand their logo and message to the public
  — Mark Roberts, National Accounts Specialist, The Andersen Company

We call them class A properties but essentially they have two characteristics.  Large lobbies and budgets.  Better solutions are more expensive....that’s just the way it is.  The properties that purchase them most not only need them, value the improvement in safety and appearance, but also have the ability to pay for them.
  — Mitchell Saltzman, President, Proform

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