Why should a facility consider customized matting and where are custom mats most effective in a facility?

It all depends on the job to be done. When referring to visual customization, then front entrances are great places to make brand impressions. Mats greet customers on entry and exit, so it’s the first and last thing someone sees when they come to the facility. Also, any area where customers are likely to spend a lot of time (e.g. waiting rooms, cafeterias, service queues, etc.) because the mats serve as under-foot billboards delivering your brand.
But there is also physical mat shape/size customization, though it’s rarely offered with conventional mat types. Shape customization makes sense where coverage is needed for asymmetrical floor areas or when tight turns happen on the footpath. For example, if you have a grocery store with a floral kiosk, you need to have mats wrap around all sides to catch dripping water. Standard size mats may not fit without overlapping or leaving gaps. This either causes a trip hazard or leaves gaps of flooring that are unprotected and slippery. Disposable matting has the advantage of being able to be cut to shape.
  — Daniel Silver, Vice President of Product Development, New Pig, Corp.

Custom matting is typically used in facilities with high traffic or large entrances, including:
Class A buildings
Hospitals and health facilities 
Hospitality buildings
Schools and universities
Government buildings
Customized matting is an effective solution for these types of facilities as they typically have large entrance surfaces needing cover. However, simply butting 3-4 mats together presents trip hazards and also provides a less than desirable look.
Evans: Not all entrances are the same. Custom mats can be cut to perfectly fit your entranceway and are designed to work with the traffic flow necessary for your facility. Rental mat companies can only offer stock sizes and colors leaving you with less than ideal options. Taking it one step further custom mats can feature your logo or message to make great first impressions! Front entrances are not the only place for custom mats. There are other ergonomic and safety applications that can be addressed.
  — Aaron Mills, Marketing Manager, 3M Commercial Solutions Division

In general, custom matting is the best solution for any area where matting is needed and a standard size or shape is not the best solution such as in front of especially long or round reception desks, revolving door entrances, large entrances with multiple doors, etc.
At the entrance, custom matting should be considered when standard sized rectangular mats do not sufficiently cover the 20-30 linear feet and path of travel, and/or for aesthetics such as branding or exclusive designs.
  — JoAnn Durette, Vice President of Marketing, Mats, Inc.

The custom cut and style of the mats give the entry a more finished look and is more esthetically pleasing. Customized matting is mainly used at the main entry ways of a facility.
  — John Miller, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Americo Manufacturing

Custom matting falls into 2 categories — custom sizes or logo mats. Certain manufacturers offer a wide range of custom sizes and colors that can better fill the needs of the facility.  In addition, logo matting provides the customer the opportunity to combine marketing and image with protecting their facilities and visitors with one purchase. This ability offers more ROI for the customer than non-custom matting. There are many new options and price points available for custom mats, including outside scraper mats, printed wiper mats and inlay scraper-wiper mats.
  — Mark Roberts, National Accounts Specialist, The Andersen Company

Every Class A property should consider custom tailored matting.  Customized means different things to different people.  Most matting companies consider “custom” any size that is not stock......8” longer.....1’ wider.....but still just squares and oblongs.  Our position at Proform is that while reducing the risk of trip and fall and minimizing the damage to interior surfaces might be the motivating goals, the matting is also the first impression made on employees, guests, & customers.  The matting is an opportunity to solve problems and to do it in a way that improves the appearance of the entry. With an inlaid logo, it’s also an opportunity to reinforce the brand.  Stock runners, in a large lobby with multiple walk patterns, often presents both as a visual mess and a safety problem.  Stock runners are not always the right solution.  Proform provides installation from coast to coast to “custom” install around revolving doors, in recess wells, and angle cut so that mats are always safe and in the direct walk pattern.
  — Mitchell Saltzman, President, Proform

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