Same-level slip-and-fall accidents were the leading cause of workplace injuries in 2015 with just under 200,000 reported incidents, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unconventional floor cleaning protocols, outdated equipment and/or insufficient training can contribute significantly to the likelihood of incidents. Two common causes of slips and falls are low-quality rubber matting that easily bunches or fails to collect dirt — especially in entrances when rain or snow are abundant — and string mops that leave excessive levels of liquid and grime on floors.

  • 2 million: The number of slip-and-fall injuries directly attributed to floors and flooring materials.
  • 99 percent: Percentage of soil collected in facilities that use walk-off matting at least 39 feet from the start of exterior entrances.
  • $70 billion: The estimated accumulative national cost for employee slip-and-fall accidents after compensation and medical expenses are covered.
  • $18,000: Typical cost of a walk-behind autoscrubber floor machine that vacuums dirty water after cleaning and eliminates wet floors.
  • $30,000: Average cost of a general liability claim for a slip-and-fall accident.
  • $269,643: Average cost of a traumatic brain injury, most commonly caused by slip-and-fall accidents.

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