In this fifth of an eight-part Manufacturer Roundtable, Facility Cleaning Decisions took the compilation of questions we received from readers and asked hand dryer manufacturers to weigh in. Here are their responses:

How can facility executives control splash and drips around hand dryers?

There are disposable solutions that incorporate patented, NFSI certified, self-adhesive mats that may be adhered to both the floor and the wall beneath the dryers to protect the building assets (and employees and guests) from water damage, odor, decay, and most importantly, slips and falls.
– Jeff Gayer, Vice President of Product Development, Impact Products in Toledo, Ohio

In a restroom, splashing and drips are inevitable, whichever form of hand dryer is used.  It is recommended that the hand dryer is included in the general cleaning regime of the restroom so that that any splashes around the hand dryer are wiped away at the same time that the restroom is cleaned.
One of the greatest reasons for water around the washroom is caused by users not shaking their hands after washing and then dripping water across the washroom floor.  Careful consideration of where the hand dryers are located in the washroom will help to address this. 
– Rob Green, Senior Reliability Engineer, Dyson in Chicago, Illinois

Splash guards and absorbent mats can be used where residual water is evident.
– Dan Storto, President, World Dryer Corporation in Berkeley, Illinois

There are splash guard kits, which mount to the back of the unit. These capture water and prevent unsightly watermarks or damage. There are also removable drip trays located underneath the unit to keep wastewater off of the floor.
– Andrew M. Hansen, New Business Development Manager, Palmer Fixture in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Some manufacturers offer accessories to help control and manage the water.  Wall-guards are specifically designed to channel the water from the users hands, allowing the air from the dryer to help evaporate it before reaching the wall.
– Jim Fisher, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, American Dryer, Inc. in Livonia, Michigan

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