In this last of an eight-part Manufacturer Roundtable, Facility Cleaning Decisions took the compilation of questions we received from readers and asked hand dryer manufacturers to weigh in. Here are their responses:

How many dryers are needed in a restroom and what recommendations do you have for proper placement?

The standard recommendation is that there is one dryer for every two washbasins. Dryers should be located as close to the washbasins as possible. 
– Jim Fisher, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, American Dryer, Inc. in Livonia, Michigan

The number of sinks required in a restroom will depend on the level of traffic using the restroom. As a guide, one hand dryer for every two sinks.
There are a number of practical considerations when installing a hand dryer:
• Consider the layout of the restroom, placing the hand dryer in a position to aid with the flow of traffic through the restroom.
• Consider the distance of the hand dryer from the sink.  Installing the hand dryer in close proximity to the sink will reduce the amount of water dripped onto the floor by people moving from the sink to the hand dryer.
• If possible, place the hand dryers at least one meter away from any reflecting obstacles such as corner walls or cabinets.  This will reduce the echo of the hand dryer sound around the washroom.
• Ensure an electrical supply is available to accommodate the hand dryer at the desired location. 
• Consider the amount of space required to install multiple hand dryers and check with the manufacturer about appropriate spacing between hand dryers. 
• Refer to the hand dryer manufacturer for recommendations on the height of the hand dryer on the wall. 
• Check that all the plans for the restroom comply with local building regulations.
– Rob Green, Senior Reliability Engineer, Dyson in Chicago, Illinois

Typically there should be one dryer for every two wash basins. However, it is recommended to add additional dryers in high traffic restrooms to avoid a bottle neck from the wash basin to the hand dryer.
– Andrew M. Hansen, New Business Development Manager, Palmer Fixture in Green Bay, Wisconsin

If your facility’s restroom experiences light to moderate traffic, it is ideal to have one hand dryer for every two sink basins. However, if you experience high restroom traffic, one hand dryer for each sink basin is recommended.
– Dan Storto, President, World Dryer Corporation in Berkeley, Illinois

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