When it comes to improving customer service, the key is often in gathering the data needed to streamline efficiencies. The cleaning departments in large institutions, especially hospitals and universities with expansive fleets of floor cleaning equipment, can use IoT-enabled floor equipment to make data-driven decisions.

Louie Davis, business development manager with Central Paper Company, a Birmingham, Alabama-based jan/san distributor that sells IoT-enabled floor equipment, handles many of these larger accounts.

“From a maintenance standpoint, IoT has a great value,” says Davis. “One of the most frustrating things that happens is when someone goes to get an autoscubber, perhaps to strip a floor, and they get their electric power machine and buckets out only to find the battery is not charged.”

IoT would virtually eliminate that problem because autoscrubbers with the technology will alert a manager of a low battery well before the machine runs out of juice. In fact, Davis believes that IoT is most impactful when enabled with autoscrubbers. Because of all that goes into planning to strip a floor, the ability to ensure that the machine will be charged and properly maintained to last through an entire strip job, would avoid expensive delays, and recoup a return on investment swiftly.

“IoT can prevent so many bad situations that cost departments money and time, and most importantly, tie back to customer satisfaction,” says Davis. “If a facility executive wanted this area of the building stripped and recoated, and it’s not done on that schedule because of equipment failure, they won’t care why, but they will care that you didn’t do what you said you were going to do.”

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