At any point in time and in any given restroom, there is potential for odors. Some are fleeting and others will linger. Some can be managed by sprays or gels and others just need to be removed. This is what Ann Germanow, founder and owner of Scensibles, realized when she saw that there was no good solution for proper disposal of feminine hygiene products.

Most women’s restroom stalls contain a bin for disposal of feminine waste products. However, there is generally no effective way to wrap up or to safely place sanitary items in that bin.

To address this obvious need, Germanow offers lightly scented personal disposal bags with tie handle closures that can be mounted in stalls. The biodegradable Scensibles bags are embedded with a fresh, light fragrance and an antimicrobial agent that inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria.

“I don’t think that a bathroom should have any odor to it,” says Germanow, but odor is only one part of the problem. Bacteria is also an issue, which can contribute to foul smells.

“Research has shown that the most contaminated spot in the restroom is the feminine waste receptacle,” she adds.

Improperly disposed feminine waste products can potentially expose people to harmful microorganisms or bloodborne pathogens. Even highly trained staff can be at risk of coming into contact with bacteria.

Compounding the problem, says Germanow, is the lack of an OSHA requirement (though there is an expectation) that these receptacles be lined with a bag to properly contain waste. At times, these receptacles are unlined, meaning that the soiled waste in the receptacle soils the inside, making it a playground for bacteria, which is the culprit that emits the odor.

Containing waste with plastic liners and bags will go a long way in controlling odors within the stall. And protecting the workers with an easy-to-install and safe-to-maintain product is a huge benefit.

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