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Facility Cleaning Decisions conducted the Green & Sustainability Survey in November, 2018. Facility cleaning managers within K-12 school districts, colleges, universities, commercial offices, as well as healthcare, long-term care, government and hospitality facilities were surveyed.

To outline general green cleaning trends, the following questions were asked:

• How long has the department been green cleaning the facility?
• How important is it to green your cleaning program?
• What types of green/sustainable products are currently being used in your department?
• Who/what started/drives the green/sustainable initiatives within the department?
• What factors drive your use of green products and implementing sustainable practices?
• How important is to provide more training on how to implement or improve green programs?
• The use of green products within my facility is required in my state/city.
• We are happy with the result we have seen from the use of green products.
• Do you feel training on green cleaning and sustainability is necessary for the following people?
• Has the department experienced financial benefits to going green?
• How has your department benefited from the use of green products?
• How important is communicating the value of your green/sustainable program?
• Do you struggle with illustrating/communicating green cleaning successes and ROI to upper management?
• How do you successfully communicate the importance of green initiatives?

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