Cleaning teams today work harder than ever to meet expectations for maintenance frequency and overall cleanliness. That’s why, when it is time for thorough cleaning and restocking, the right tools, products and equipment can make the job easier and more effective, resulting in clean, sanitized facilities.

Experts suggest using products designed with ease of operation in mind, such as a single key that works with all dispensing systems, buttons designed for intuitive multilingual operators, and dispenser refills that snap in with clear reinforcement that they’re loaded.

Other recommendations include smart restroom systems, such as Internet of Things (IoT)-connected dispensers for paper towels, tissue, or soap and sanitizer that take the guesswork out of restocking and help to avoid running out of their contents. These technologies communicate any potential problems and monitor supply levels in real time so that custodial staff know exactly where they need to focus their attention.

Moving beyond the days of mops and buckets, spray-and-vac machines and microfiber cloths are also strong options for efficient, thorough cleaning.

“Certainly, spray-and-vac equipment has revolutionized restroom care for those facilities designed without exposed drywall and open-style paper dispensers,” says McGarvey. “Also, microfiber has made the cleaning effort more effective, when properly cared for and color-coded.”

Finally, it is essential that facility managers allocate the appropriate chemicals for restroom cleaning, as well as provide the necessary training for staff. This includes identifying which cleaners and disinfectants should be used on which surfaces, as well as how and at what dilutions. Staff should be trained that using more chemical than is specified on labels is not necessarily better. In fact, it could be harmful to the surface or people in the area, and it is rarely cost-effective.

“It always goes back to training,” says McGarvey. “Proper training that explains not just the process, but the reason or reasons for the process — it’s required no matter what chemicals, supplies, and equipment are involved.”

Going For Green

With growing awareness of environmental issues and the increased popularity of green cleaning initiatives, building owners will often ask that custodial staff use environmentally safe cleaning products and chemicals. In doing so, a contingent debate arises on whether hand dryers are “greener” than paper towels.

“We have seen some facility customers go to air dryers, feeling it was a ‘greener’ option. In some regards, it may be,” observes McGarvey. “However, the towel and tissue producers have done some incredible things over the past decade.”

According to paper manufacturers, customers are laser-focused on the recycled content for paper products as they balance their bottom line with environmental goals. In response, manufacturers are making great strides in creating dispensing systems that reduce stub rolls and control dispensing so occupants take only what they need.

“Towel and tissue producers have made headway at addressing sourcing, manufacturing, transporting and eventual disposal issues on many products,” says McGarvey. “Many third party-certified products are available and a number of paper towel offerings are certified compostable for those able to compost.”

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