What are some examples of complaints/requests you receive that are not related to cleaning?

• Audio visual repair
• Coordinating mechanical maintenance repairs
• Complaints about outside groups using the facilities
• Building exterior paint failure
• Cable TV box resets
• Moving furniture/hanging pictures/resetting clocks
• Cleaning bugs out of light fixtures
• Kitchen cleaning
• Cleaning personal areas (desks, drawers or cluttered bookshelves)
• Computer or copier malfunctions
• Maintenance and landscape issues
• Security concerns
• Exterior dumpsters are too full
• Paper on the floor
• Parking lot issues (theft, minor accident, etc.)
• Elevator issues
• Carpeting needs to be replaced
• Vending machine or coffee maker malfunctions
• Food waste thrown in toilets


How have you been successful at reducing the number of or time spent handling frivolous complaints?

• Transparency and consistent communication
• Consistency of staff in an area
• Encourage outreach between
cleaners and building occupants
• Added additional service during business hours, so occupants see cleaning being done
• Complaints go through a paper system and include the name and contact info for the person filing the complaint
• We clean right the first time
• Consistent inspections of cleaning processes
• Teach custodial staff to look at areas the way occupants would see them
• Formal training multiple times a year
• Hanging the cleaning schedule in the restrooms with a signature page to show someone was there
• Supply extra product stock in restrooms
• Listing the roles and responsibilities of facilities staff online for everyone to see
• Provide cleaning tools (vacuum, cleaning wipes, etc.) to building occupants for emergency use

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