What are some of the most bizarre comments or complaints you have received?

• There is too much noise coming from outside the facility
• Could you change my flat tire
• My car is making a funny noise
• There are too many birds nesting in the tree outside
• You need to build more restrooms
• Could you take the class pet home over the break
• Students aren’t in class when they need to be
• There is no heat coming out of my vent when I have books and decorations on top
• There is a mysterious smell that I can’t identify, coming from somewhere
• The street lights aren’t working properly
• The ice maker makes ice that is too cold
• The trees are too high and are impeding traffic vision
• When I open my window, the air smells different
• There are too many animals (turkeys/geese) in the courtyard. But when you get rid of them, please don’t scare them away
• Can you make sure to stop in the break room to close cabinet doors throughout the day
• There is an ant outbreak in the classroom. (Upon arrival, there is one ant. When asked where the outbreak is, teacher said, “One ant is an outbreak.”)
• Too many other people are using this restroom
• The toilet won’t flush unless I push on that lever
• Can you change the temperature
in my cube, but make sure my neighbor is kept warm
• I dropped this piece of paper two days ago and your staff never picked it up
• You should remove the smoke urns because smoking is a dirty habit
• I left this food out after the party so people could enjoy it, but now there are ants
• Someone forgot to flush the toilet
• The drinking fountain sprays water too quickly
• I dripped some water and (instead of wiping it up) I need a wet floor sign
• An employee pulled a sign off the wall that read “Please do not throw paper towels, trash or anything else in the urinals,” and threw the sign in the urinal
• I can’t breathe. There isn’t enough air because there are too many people working in the area
• The smell of this hand soap is too fruity so I can’t use it
• A staff member was caught on camera urinating in the emergency exit stairwell
• We shifted from paper towels to hand dryers, but received complaints, so we switched back. After the paper towels were installed, students set the towel dispenser on fire

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