Why is networking important and where do you find the most valuable networking opportunities?

Babette Beene, Manager, Environmental Services, Building Care and Operations, Patient Care and Prevention Facilities, University of Texas, MD Anderson
Networking is a learning experience that could help you and/or the other person by improving or changing a current process. I enjoy being part of IEHA’s Houston Chapter. We meet monthly and network with other managers in hospitals and schools. This helps me look at processes in a different light.

Doreen Bessert, C.E.H., Worksite Placement Coordinator, Custodial Supervisor and Central Purchasing Agent, Manitowoc County DPWI find it extremely valuable to network with other facility mangers, as many of us face the same or similar challenges in our facilities. Belonging to any association allows you to network with other managers from around the country or even the world to solve issues that arise. I personally belong to IEHA and ISSA and find both to be very helpful when I encounter a problem that I may need advice or help with.

Gene Woodard, R.E.H., Director of Building Services, University of Washington
I’ve found value in being involved in associations, local groups, and participating in online chat rooms. Annual association events provide opportunities to interact with other members whom are thought leaders in the industry. I have also created connections with other university cleaning managers and often reach out to them with questions and issues.

Sandra Harshman, Custodial Superintendent, McCarran International Airport
Being part of an association offers wonderful networking opportunities, but I find my local contacts to be the most valuable. We have similar facilities and customer bases, so there is generally someone in my group who can provide information or input on any questions I may have about products, equipment or processes. We meet regularly and discuss best practices. We also discuss our most challenging problems and brainstorm possible solutions.

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