This is part two of a two-part survey on how facility cleaning managers view green and sustainable intiatives.

 • I would like products to list ingredients on their label.
 • What types of green/sustainable products are currently being used in your department?
 • Do you buy/use products that contribute to the sustainable goals within your department (products which are green in their manufacturing, use and disposal)?
 • Do you struggle with illustrating/communicating green cleaning successes and return on investment (ROI) to upper management?
 • All green certifications are the same to me.
 • How has your facillity benefited from the use of green products?
 • We are happy with the results we have seen from the use of green products.
 • How long have you been green cleaning in your facility?
 • My facility is working towards green certification awarded by a third party.
 • The use of green products within my facility is required in my state/city.
 • We have seen financial benefits of going green.

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Importance Of Green And Sustainable Initiatives