The majority of Cummins’ clients are industrial and manufacturing facilities, and that is where disposable microfiber can make a huge difference. The day porters who work for Cummins use disposable microfiber mops exclusively.

In manufacturing plants, grease and oil are particular problems, following employees into restrooms and kitchens, which could lead to cross-contamination.

“With disposable microfiber, they’re able to grab debris and keep it locked into their system, whereas the [old] mop would kind of throw it around,” says Frey. “The mop would get on baseboards and leave residue, where these microfiber [sheets] aren’t doing that.”

Microfiber dries more quickly than cotton mops, thereby reducing the risk for slips and falls by both industrial plant employees and Cummins’ janitors, particularly in restrooms. This is particularly crucial because many day porters are not able to close down restrooms, leaving wet floors behind them.

Disposable microfiber has also simplified cleanup. When janitors were using traditional loop mops, Frey says that the dirty mop water could only be disposed of in certain drains, some of which were inconveniently located; now, though, that has become a non-issue.

In addition, janitors no longer have to bag up the mop heads and pull out new ones, nor do they have to carry heavy buckets. As a result, staff is much more satisfied.

“I think if I give my employees the tools and an easy job, they’ll do a better job at it,” says Frey.

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