One of the indirect benefits from having an effective dispensing system for high-end hand towels in restrooms is that it helps keep the Class A office building healthy. When dispensers are empty or full of wet towels, restroom users tend not to wash their hands as much as they would if they had consistent access to hand towels, says Craven.

“Having a little nicer towel in the restroom makes that hand-washing experience nicer, encourages more compliance and hopefully encourages a healthier lifestyle,” she says.

BSCs can help their customers quantify the investment in quality hand-washing supplies by educating them that it will cut down on sick days for tenants, which ultimately reduces costs and increases productivity, says Leonard.

Facility executives looking to switch to higher-end towels need to consider the amount of traffic that their restrooms receive. Issues arise in high-volume restrooms since the capacity of the counter-top dispensers is smaller than a standard wall-mounted unit that dispenses roll towels.

“It can’t be a high-volume restroom because you can’t put a ton a towels in there,” says Leonard.

To address this fundamental issue, facility executives should expect more maintenance and stocking time in the restrooms, leading to more expense in the investment, says Leonard.

“Everyone is concerned about cost,” he says. “These towels really are not geared toward the cost-conscious people.”

On the other hand, high-end towels drive down some of the restroom maintenance costs, since C-fold towels tend to tab and break apart, leaving debris on the floor and counter tops, says Leonard.

Class A facilities demand an upscale experience, and more absorbent towels and sleek dispensers will help achieve the desired effect. Although, it’s true high-end towels and dispensers have a higher price tag than conventional products, building service contractors can find ways to offset the increased costs, making the switch worthwhile for them, their clients and building occupants.

Brendan O’Brien is a freelance writer based in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

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