Visitors and tenants of commercial office buildings judge each facility’s overall cleanliness on the condition of the restroom — and facility executives are well aware of this. According to a 2014 Contracting Profits survey of facility executives, more than half of respondents indicated that clean and stocked restrooms are the most important cleaning priority.  

Restrooms set the perception of a facility, says John Leonard, sales manager for Leonard Paper Company, a jan/san distributor in Baltimore. And nowhere is perception more important than in Class A facilities.

Switching to a high-end towel and dispenser goes a long way in setting an upscale atmosphere. But if this is the image facility executives want to implement, or want their building service contractors to execute, then the party responsible for purchasing the consumables must be aware that this change comes with added expenses.

If a facility executive or building service contractor “is using a traditional C-fold, multi-fold or roll towel in their restrooms and has decided they want to jump up a step, sometimes they don’t realize the investment that they have to make in themselves to give the appearance of high end,” says Denise Neff, the director of sales and marketing at Pennsylvania Paper and Supply, a distributor based in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Fortunately for BSCs and facility executives, lower usage, less waste and even increased tenant productivity will eventually offset the increased costs.

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