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Please explain how your "activated water" product works scientifically.

We take the oxygen you breathe — O2 — and split these molecules so that the individual oxygen atoms recombine to form O3, or “ozone.” That third oxygen molecule is very unstable and becomes a natural oxidizer. We infuse O3 into the water where it is perfectly safe. Chlorine and hydrogen peroxide are other examples of oxidizers. Since this third oxygen atom is so unstable, as the molecules find each other (if not used up to break down dirt or kill germs), they naturally revert back to O2 again, leaving just water and oxygen as your end product.
— Steve Hengsperger, President, Tersano Inc., Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada

Our on-site generation technology is a water electrolysis process. Our device is connected to a facility’s tap water supply, drain and standard electrical outlet. Softened tap water and salt are combined and the mixture flows into an electrolytic cell. This water electrolysis process creates two separate streams — a cleaning solution and a disinfecting/sanitizing solution.

Built-in sensors measure critical output parameters in both solutions to ensure efficacy. The solutions are then dispensed into spray bottles, automatic scrubbers, mop buckets and carpet extractors for cleaning crews to use.
— Karla Leis, Vice President, General Manager Orbio Technologies, Orbio Technologies, a Tennant Company Group, Golden Valley, Minnesota

Our product is a stable form of super-oxidized water. Its active ingredient is pure hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is generated by human body’s own immune system to kill invading pathogens. It is highly effective even at very low concentrations.
— Henry Dao, President and CEO, HSP USA, LLC, Mount Laurel, New Jersey

We have patented blended stream generation of sanitizer and cleaning solutions. Our technology uses more than salt as all other split stream units use to create electrochemical water activated (ECA) cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Our devices never employ salt for our cleaning solutions, as they typically leave a sodium residue on surfaces. The cleaning solutions are color-coded to ensure that the user knows what they are working with in keeping with typical cleaning chemicals.

The power is our proprietary alloy and computer controller that allow us to transform our natural supplements into cleaners and degreasers. This alloy also allows us to frack (break up) the custom blended sodium supplement to create a pH stabilized sanitizer/disinfectant solution.

Based on the science of electrolysis, users create a mixture of minerals and water with an electrical charge to produce a blended stream ECA Water. In fact, the solution is so natural, the human body produces a form of the solution in white blood cells to kill germs and fight infections (hypochlorous acid).
— John P. Shanahan, Co-Founder, Vice President of Sales, GenEon Technologies, San Antonio, Texas


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