How does your product differ from other "activated" water products?

GenEon’s devices are all compact in size and do not produce two streams of solution. Our technology does not employ Sodium hydroxide for cleaning as this solution can leave a residue. Our cleaning solutions are the only ECA technology on the market with color-coding in the solutions to look and resemble the chemical solutions that they replaced.
— John P. Shanahan, Co-Founder, Vice President of Sales, GenEon Technologies, San Antonio, Texas

Our product is a stable form of super-oxidized water. The bottled product has up to 24 months shelf life. Ozone and electrically charged water has very short shelf life and has to be used immediately. In addition to bottled products, we also offer highly compact (W 14” x D 16” x H 15”) on-site generation solution that fits into any tight janitor’s closet. It generates at up to 2.7 gpm (10 liters/min) of disinfectant or cleaning solution without needs of bulky storage tank and water softening unit. It is capable of handling hard water anywhere in the world. It greatly simplifies operations with one solution and lowers costs by over 95 percent compared to current chemicals in use.
— Henry Dao, President and CEO, HSP USA, LLC, Mount Laurel, N.J.

We are the only product that starts as water, converts to a powerful cleaner and sanitizer and then reverts right back to water and oxygen so you have zero residual waste going down the drain or into the landfill. When comparing our product to the other activated water products, I believe we are also the only truly all-in-one solution. In Canada for instance, we are allowed to label our product a cleaner, deodorizer, sanitizer and disinfectant. There is no need to alter concentrations or add anything in addition to our solution as it comes out of the device ready to fill spray bottles, mop buckets, scrubbers, extractors or any other piece of equipment you would have filled with your chemical dispense station. We replace your standard everyday cleaning products.
— Steve Hengsperger, President, Tersano Inc., Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada

The system is small, simple and affordable on-site generation technology. In addition, it can incorporate a unique satellite system, which allows dispensing of each solution at remote locations away from the generator, by dilution concentrates made at the generator.
— Karla Leis, Vice President, General Manager Orbio Technologies, Orbio Technologies, a Tennant Company Group, Golden Valley, Minnesota

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