What are common misconceptions about preportion chemicals?

The most common misconception is that preportioned chemicals are more expensive than blend centers or RTU products. If you are properly workloading your buildings you will see that the staff trips back to the blend center are eating up your labor budget. This travel cost is especially great where the high-rise building owner has prohibited hard-plumbed blend centers above the first floor. – John B. Everitt, president, Stearns Packaging Corporation, Madison, Wisconsin

Cleaning staffs that use premeasured chemicals can replenish their cleaning solutions from any faucet in the building with their portable mixing hose. If the cleaning organization is not using portion control then the water source on the ground floor is very important because the blend center is hooked up to it. But how many other water sources did the crew walk by to get to it? Walking does not get the job done.

They cost more. – Allen Randolph, vice president sales, Aqua Chempacs, Feasterville-Trevose, Pennsylvania

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