Are packets a cheaper option than ready-to-use (RTU) chemicals? What about on-the-go proportioners?

Yes, the packets are cheaper than RTU chemicals and far less of a burden to carry from task to task. The bulky packaging and high freight cost of shipping water makes RTU expensive.

On-the-go proportioners make more sense than RTU, but the hardware is chemical-specific. If the job calls for the cleaning of floors, windows, countertops and bathrooms the cleaning staff would potentially have to lug four proportioners along, each with its half-gallon concentrate bottle.

Each different packet carried to the job in a belly-pack or a compact distribution tray can make a fresh mop bucket or a quart of spray solution from any water source. – John B. Everitt, president, Stearns Packaging Corporation, Madison, Wisconsin

When determining the “cost” of cleaning products, many factors contribute to “use cost” beyond simple acquisition cost. If we are using only acquisition cost in answer to the question, then, yes, packets are cheaper than RTU. As for “on-the-go” or “wall- mounted” systems, the answer is they are comparable and often less expensive. – Allen Randolph, vice president sales, Aqua Chempacs, Feasterville-Trevose, Pennsylvania

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