This is the first part of a four-part article about mobile survey software.

Typically the domain of marketing and advertising, QR codes are still in their infancy in the cleaning industry. These two-dimensional barcodes are most often seen on printed materials and signage, and they contain additional information about the product to which they are attached. When scanned with a smartphone equipped with the correct reader application, these codes allow users to access information or open surveys in their phone’s browser.

Some building service contractors are starting to place QR codes in their customers’ facilities for the purpose of surveying employees and visitors about the cleanliness of their buildings. Others are finding unique ways to use survey software internally; for example, to improve quality assurance (QA) processes. Regardless of how BSCs are putting QR codes to use, those who have discovered this component of their software are realizing significant benefits.

Joseph Jenkins, president and CEO of BearCom Building Services Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah, started placing QR codes on laminated signs in the restrooms of his facilities about a year ago to get feedback from people using the restrooms.

“The software program generates a QR code specific to each restroom, and when the user scans the QR code they can fill out a survey that we customize for that particular location,” says Jenkins. “So they rate the service and let us know if there are any issues, such as missing supplies that need to be restocked. It makes it easy for them to give feedback.”

Once a survey is submitted, Jenkins receives an email with the exact location of the surveyed restroom so that he can take immediate action if needed. Jenkins’ client also receives the survey results in an email. The survey automatically generates a work order in the system. If the survey feedback includes a complaint or deficiency that requires attention, the work order is routed to the appropriate person. If the feedback does not require attention, the information is reviewed and shared with the client, and the work order is closed.

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