It’s springtime in Nashville, Tenn., and the streets of Music City are abuzz under a beautiful blue sky. On Fifth Avenue — just blocks from the historic Ryman Auditorium and the colorful honky-tonks of Broadway — small crowds are heading up steps to celebrate the city’s history at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. 

Perched near the entrance is Robert Stewart, a building service contractor with a history of his own. Over fried green tomatoes in the museum’s restaurant, the president of Major Commercial Cleaning tells of the years he spent in the music industry, working as a concert promoter and as a tour manager for country music superstars such as Tim McGraw and the Charlie Daniels Band, though he doesn’t like to boast. 

“I’m not hung up on it,” he says with an air of non-chalance. The art in his office says otherwise, though it’s difficult to decipher whether the businessman hankers over his touring heydays, or is just fond of his more musical memories. 

“It taught me to be a good businessman,” he says. 

Today, Stewart has found success in another venture. Major Commercial Cleaning is a $2.2 million business with divisions in post-construction, post-event and commercial cleaning services. 

Despite Stewart’s career change, he remains invariably connected to music. His connections on Music Row have even led to a few cleaning contracts. 

When Stewart is out of earshot, Operations Manager Craig DeJean, provides a bit more perspective. 

“He’d never let you know, but he still knows a lot of people around here in the music industry,” he says. “Everyone knows Robert.” 


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