The benefits of using TEAM Software’s applications also extends to Janitronics’ customers. This is of great importance to Harris and Janitronics as they value their clientele. While other companies take an account and simply service a facility, Janitronics positions itself to be a quality service provider and consistent performer while using the latest technology in the market. Whether it’s for the smallest client (20,000 square feet) or its biggest account (8 million square feet), Janitronics will go the extra mile and modify its techniques to meet the needs of its customers to retain their business.

“Our customers view us in a relationship manner, not a commodity,” says Harris. “We support their goal of maintaining a clean and healthy facility and provide good value for the money.”

Janitronics archives inspections on eHub. Customers can see inspection reports, create work orders and see product schedules. When customers want to arrange a meeting or a status report, Janitronics can pull data in a few minutes where before it took days.

“With TEAM Software, we’re able to produce more information that is beneficial to our customers and enhance their experience with less cost on our side,” says Harris.

Harris aspires to continue to grow Janitronics, just like it has in the past. Like any business, Janitronics has had to deal with bumps in the road. But it is easier for a company to deal with uncertainty and hardships when it has a relationship with a reputable technology provider.

“They enable us to scale easier and grow our company,” says Harris. “With TEAM Software, we know our costs, how to compensate for them and the necessary staffing levels.”

Larry Bernstein is a freelance writer based in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

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