How has your product been proven as effective as chemicals?

We have been thoroughly vetted by the University of Massachusetts, Lowell Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) Lab and have been found to perform equally to all contemporary green and non-green cleaners.
— John P. Shanahan, Co-Founder, Vice President of Sales, GenEon Technologies, San Antonio, Texas 

Our products are EPA, FDA, and USDA approved and tested by GLP labs. Our products are also tested and proven in real life settings and clinical studies. In studies conducted by our customers, our products are proven to be as effective as or better than most commonly used chemicals; e.g. bleach, quaternary ammonium, glutaraldehyde or alcohol. Even at low concentrations, it shows good sporicidal kill against C. difficile based on GLP tests. In addition, our product has been proven to be as good as a cleaner against name-brand cleaners/concentrates for multi-surface, glass, floor and bathroom uses.
— Henry Dao, President and CEO, HSP USA, LLC, Mount Laurel, New Jersey

The multi-surface cleaner has been evaluated by a number of independent organizations. Tests by the Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI) shows it works, as well as two comparative, conventional products for all-purpose and glass cleaning. It is also certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), registered by NSFI as acceptable for use as a general purpose cleaner in and around food process areas. It has received the platinum seal of approval from Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) when used as part of a deep cleaning system, and it is WOOLSAFE-approved for use on wool and advanced generation synthetic carpets.

The disinfectant/sanitizer has been independently tested and meets the EPA standards for a one-step cleaner/disinfectant, a food contact surface sanitizer, and a non-food contact surface sanitizer, all at the same concentration.
— Karla Leis, Vice President, General Manager Orbio Technologies, Orbio Technologies, a Tennant Company Group, Golden Valley, Minnesota

We have had testing that was done at TURI to the GS-37 standard and we passed all challenges, even their Huckers Soil test. 
— Steve Hengsperger, President, Tersano Inc., Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada



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