When any new cleaning product or device is introduced, it’s important to train personnel in proper usage. Industry experts have some advice on how best to use their products to get rid of the pesky odor of marijuana.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, but the smell of marijuana tends to hang around. The odor lingers in the air and binds to fabric, says Strazdas. Luckily, improvements can be made quite easily, she says.

“It sounds obvious, but always remember to remove the source of the odor to the extent possible,” says Strazdas. “If soil is present, spray your odor elimination product near it to make cleaning more pleasant, then remove the soil.”

Anything fabric that can be washed, should be. This includes bed linens and towels. After these items are removed, soft furniture such as couches, chairs and padded headboards should be vacuumed because this removes residual odor, says Frazier. Those cleaning should pay particular attention to treating any textiles in the rooms.

“Treat it like any smoke odor but do a little additional (work),” says Frazier.

When applying product to remove odor from furniture, spray until damp and allow time to air dry. To rid the air and carpet of the smell of marijuana, spray thoroughly beginning in the back of the room and then walk backward toward the door so the worker doesn’t walk into the mist. To treat problem areas more quickly, Strazdas advises using a hand-pressured sprayer.

The products used to remove odors should be integrated into the cleaning routine the same as surface disinfectants and glass cleaners. And like disinfectants and glass cleaner, the product should be used only as needed.

After using odor elimination product, workers can wipe hard surfaces dry, but they need to allow soft surfaces to air-dry so the product can continue working on any remaining odor particles. Drying time depends on how much product is used, but it should never take longer than a day in extreme conditions.

Review directions with the cleaning staff before instituting a system for eliminating marijuana odors. With most products, the directions are straightforward, but it makes sense to establish a procedure.

As the legalization of marijuana becomes more widespread, with the real possibility of federal reforms, it’s important to consider the impact that marijuana use can have on a property or a facility. In addition, tobacco smoke and vapor can cause substantial damage, leaving residue resulting in stains and unpleasant odors. Despite the widespread misconception that vaping is harmless, vapor can create a sticky film on all surfaces, and it is as difficult to remove as smoke residue, causing damage to interior elements.

JoAnn Petaschnick is a freelance writer based in Milwaukee.

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