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How well do building service contractors know their customers? Contracting Profits recently surveyed of commercial offices who outsource their cleaning services to find out what's most important to them.

A lot has changed in facility management during the last few years. The Great Recession shifted priorities, putting green and sustainable initiatives on the back burner. Lower prices became more important as facilities everywhere felt the economic pressure to do more with fewer resources.

But as the economy strengthens, where do facility managers stand today? Price still matters, but cost savings are more strategic. Instead of cheap cleaning services, facility executives want vendors who can reduce expenses by providing a variety of services, many which are diversified beyond cleaning. Also, sustainable programs can save more than just the environment; they can save the bottom line, too.

During the Great Recession, a number of facilities reduced cleaning frequencies, in some cases by as much as 30 percent. This survey asked if frequencies will ever rise back to pre-recession levels and by when.

If cleaning frequencies are to return, then what about raising prices, too? According to the survey, price increases are not out of the question. Facility managers explain what circumstances validate paying a higher price for cleaning service.

Other topics covered by this survey include:
• Common cleaning complaints
• Cleaning certifications
• Average price per square foots
• And more

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