As the commercial cleaning industry grows more sophisticated it is becoming increasingly important for BSCs to prove their value — something that goes well beyond cleaning. The industry as a whole has been setting a higher standard for cleaning operations.

“The needs of our end users have become more complicated, and the buildings that we operate have become more sophisticated,” says Yasser Youssef, president of Building Service Contracting Association International (BSCAI). “And in a cost-cutting environment there is a real demand and need for the services that we offer to be evaluated in order to be entertained how it can become more effective.”

Take for example the ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS), a certification that has become a growing distinction within the industry. And some facility management companies are starting to take notice. About 63 percent of FMs say they are more likely to hire a contractor who has earned an industry certification, such as CIMS.

“Facility executives need a service provider who is constantly staying ahead of them, delivering their needs, [and] evaluating where they can improve,” adds Youssef, who is also president of the Budd Group, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. “BSCAI is really working to create standards for BSCs to create training and certification, to really bring more education to these organizations around the value of having BSCs.” 

That being said, these industry certifications fly pretty low on facility mangers’ radars, says Hewett.

“A BSC needs to properly introduce the certification as a distinguishing mark,” Hewett says. “Essentially, they are going to have to play CIMS salesman and show how (the certification) impacts customer service and economics.”

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