Aerosol sprays have numerous benefits: they’re pre-mixed, ready-to-use and can be applied easily to surfaces with the press of a button. While aerosols typically come with a high price tag, the cost can be offset by the product’s convenience.

Aerosols can save building service contractors labor time when cleaning. There’s no need for workers to mix chemicals and fill spray bottles. Instead, they can spend time on other cleaning tasks, helping to cut down on labor costs.

The need to measure chemicals is also eliminated, which means there is no chance the wrong dilution will be used. When too weak, solutions will be ineffective — and worse, when too they’re strong, they can damage surfaces and injure workers. Safety is also improved because without mixing, there are no spills causing slip-and-fall accidents.

Certain chemical products are well-suited to aerosols for their safety and convenience attributes — insecticides, room deodorizers, surface disinfectants and specialty cleaners such as stainless steel cleaner.

Aerosols were typically frowned upon because of environmental concerns. But aerosols have not contained chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants since 1978. Today, users are concerned about the amount of waste associated with a disposable product. However, aerosol cans are recyclable in communities with the proper facilities. Aerosol caps are also recyclable.

As green continues to grow in popularity, many manufacturers are refining their formulas and improving their processes to make products eco-friendly. One example is a two-piece can made with a minimum of 50 percent recycled steel. Traditional cans are three pieces and only made with a minimum of 25 percent recycled steel. Manufacturers are also using smaller caps that cover only the nozzle, compared to the standard double-shell overcap. These new caps contain 75 percent less plastic.

With the combination of cleaning and safety benefits, along with a reduced environmental impact, aerosols can be a useful product in many markets.

Compiled by Dan Weltin, Editor-in-Chief.

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