Corinne Zudonyi

I come from a large Italian family. We're a boisterous bunch and there isn't a wallflower among us. Being brought up in this type of environment has taught me not to be timid. As my parents always encouraged us to do, I "stand tall, step up and go for it" every chance I get.

This mindset doesn't only apply to procuring a slice of my grandmother's lasagna. It's a mantra I put into practice everyday. For example, Contracting Profits is sent to roughly 20,000 readers. I don't know all of you, but I'm not shy about picking up the phone and calling any one of you for feedback on an article.

Striking up a conversation with someone I've never met doesn't bother me, but it can be absolutely terrifying for some people. This makes cold calling prospective clients extremely daunting for some building service contractors.

For those that struggle with the initial conversation, it is helpful to write down some simple scripts to follow. In this edition, Jordan Tong outlines quick, but effective, dialogue BSCs can use when cold calling prospective clients. Outlining a script in advance should ease the nerves and guarantee you hit all your points.

These conversations are the first you'll have with future customers and they'll lay the groundwork for your relationship moving forward. Whether it's the way information is presented or the timeliness of a response, the slightest mistakes can lead to the loss of a big client. To help prevent this from happening, our cover story outlines tips on securing and retaining facility customers.

You have a lot to offer. Stand tall and be proud of the service you provide. That confidence will make speaking up simpler. Then, all you have to do is go for it.