The great majority of franchisees Office Pride has attracted throughout its history are ones formed by a cleaning industry outsider. That transition isn’t unique. What’s different —at least in the cleaning industry— is that many existing commercial cleaning contractors have jumped ship to Office Pride as of late with hopes of building a business using the company’s proven franchise model.

“Independent business owners realize they’re more likely to achieve their dreams quicker by joining forces with an established brand,” says Hopkins.

As an example, Hopkins talks about a man who chose to make the recent conversion to Office Pride. Since making the move, Hopkins notices a difference, not just in the man’s business size and success, but his quality of life.

“There are a lot of people out there that their quality of life is suffering because they’re just working all the time,” says Hopkins.

Office Pride’s leadership has spent good time looking ahead to both the near and far future. In the next few years, Office Pride plans to continue to develop more training materials and invest in its corporate staff.

“My objective short-term is to really build a corporate team and structure for, what I believe to be, a significant growth in the future,” says Hopkins. 

The company worked hard to become completely debt-free, so Hopkins says remaining that way is also a priority.

“We’re not going to leverage our current situation for something in the future from a financial standpoint,” says Hopkins.

The long-term goal of the company is much more aggressive. In fact, it’s down right brazen.

“Our big, hairy, audacious goal is for our franchisees and employees to be the happiest people on the face of the Earth,” says Hopkins. “So when we talk about growth, we don’t just want to grow for growth sake, even though we’re on a rapid growth phase.”

Hopkins continues, “We want to help them to be happy. Growth does often contribute to happiness if it’s done correctly because the more you grow, the more you can build a team and the better your quality of life can be.”

Office Pride requires any new franchise to develop its own vision plan so its operators can layout what they want the business to accomplish for them. The company will then take that template and coach franchisees in a way that helps them accomplish that “big, hairy, audacious goal.”

“A lot of times as businesses owners it’s so easy for people to get distracted by the things going on in the business that they forget about their goals,” says Hopkins. “I like helping people remember their goals. That keeps me going.”

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