One of the biggest benefits of using preportioned packets for autoscrubbers is their positive impact on inventory control. Knowing exactly how much product a facility has, as well as how much product is needed to complete cleaning tasks, takes the guesswork out of budgeting and simplifies inventory management.

“From a management standpoint, knowing how much it cost you to clean your building every single night is a tremendous advantage,” says Darin. “After a period of time, you know how much product it’s going to take to clean a particular area. Therefore, if you’re sending out an operator with four packets you know exactly how much it cost per area, per night, as well as per week, per month and per year.”
Packets are also advantageous when it comes to stocking and storing product.

“If you know it takes you 10 packets to clean the building per night, and you have 50 packets on the shelf, you know you have five nights’ work,” says Darin. “You don’t have to look in a drum and shake it to try and figure out how much you have. So you can be much closer to just-in-time deliveries.”

Not only do preportioned packets help prevent overstocking, but their compact size greatly diminishes the amount of storage space needed.

“You can make a lot more solution for a lot less space,” says Adams. “That’s one of the advantages of premeasured product: They take up less storage space than a 55 gallon drum or even a one or five gallon drum for smaller companies, which is what we deal with.”

Boxes of preportioned packets can ease the burden of transporting chemicals to and from the worksite. Take for example, a BSC in charge of a school district with 14 buildings. If the company uses drums of chemicals or RTU products, they’ll either need a truck to deliver to the 14 buildings on an ongoing basis or have 14 different store houses.  

“With the portion control program, you can take a quarter case of product, put it in your car and move from place to place, and you can guarantee that you have the right amount,” says Darin.

Using preportioned chemical packets with autoscrubbers brings the same benefits of chemical dilution control to the floor care program. By switching to these tiny packs, BSCs will appreciate properly mixed chemicals, improved safety and better storage options.


Kassandra Kania is a freelance writer based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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