In addition to being convenient, preportioned chemical packets improve accuracy, leaving less room for dilution errors.

“In many companies it’s not uncommon for chemicals to be improperly mixed,” says Rene Tuchscher, chief operating officer at KBM Facility Solutions, San Diego, California. “This increases the likelihood that the quality of work goes down and also the probability that someone could get injured. With preportioned packets, you diminish the chance for error in the mixing process, thereby improving productivity.”

Preportioned chemical packets for autoscrubbers reduce the chance of inaccurate dilution ratios in several ways. When mixing the chemical with water, operators follow “the rule of one” to achieve the proper dilution ratio.

“Typically, you add one pack per 10 to 15 gallons of water, which is the standard size of autoscrubbers,” explains Bill Watson, business development manager for Massco in Wichita, Kansas. “So people can be easily trained to add only one pack per autoscrubber and add another one when that solution tank is empty and ready to refill.”

And because packets are premeasured, solutions can be prepared more quickly with less mess.

“Ensuring accurate and controlled use of the product is less messy,” says Tuchscher. “It’s easy to use, it’s simple and the handling of the chemical is much easier.”

Color-coding also reduces the chance of error and simplifies training.

“All the products are color-coded, so even if the operator doesn’t speak English or can’t read he knows pink goes on greasy floors and yellow goes on sensitive floors,” says Darin. “He can also carry multiple products with him, so if he needs to switch to a different type of solution he can do that very quickly without having to go back to a central location.”

Premeasured packets for autoscrubbers reduce the chance of chemical misuse, but more importantly reduce the risk of worker injury.

“The portion control program ensures safety for the operator of the autoscrubber,” says Watson. “He simply fills the autoscrubber with water, opens the pack and adds the contents to the machine.”

Cleanup is also less hazardous, should a spill occur.

“If you take a portion control packet and have a spill, you have a few ounces of product to clean up,” says Darin. “Spill a 55 gallon drum and you’re calling the fire department to do a hazardous cleanup.”

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