In an industry such as building service contracting, the work that is performed speaks for itself. When people walk into a business, the condition of the building often serves as the first impression.

“I think if we as BSCs work hard to partner with FMs in the day-to-day operations that alone builds value,” Flug says. “Taking the time to be the best in customer service wins in the end.”

It’s important that BSCs understand the pivotal role they play in building management, Hewett says.

“The biggest issues FMs are dealing with is customer satisfaction,” he explains. “A couple of the biggest issues are hot or cold buildings, and janitorial issues. Twenty years ago it was, ‘Are the trash cans getting picked up or not?’ Now, [facility managers] want to know they have someone they can trust, someone who is responsible and can understand their needs in the marketplace.”

Unsurprisingly, the biggest cleaning complaints customers receive stems from occupants who are unsatisfied with the state of restrooms. According to the survey, the most common grievances are empty soap and towel dispensers (26 percent),  and dirty restrooms (25 percent).

Cleaning frequently touched objects, such as sink, toilet and door handles, and maintaining entrances and lobby areas also ranked high on FMs task lists.
Fewer complaints and reliable service may warrant a price increase later on down the line — or an extended contract, says Hewett. Seventy percent of FMs agree with his mindset.

Hewett says BSCs can leverage their good service in annual, monthly or quarterly reports with facility managers.
“The business report is a lot of work for BSCs, yet that’s where they can make the biggest impact,” Hewett says. “When they can bring that to the table, they can say ‘Here’s what’s working, here’s what’s not working, and here’s where we need some support.’”

“It really goes back to the BSC being able to focus on the facility manager,” Hewett adds. “The FM is always looking for the intangibles to bring back
to management.”

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