The procedure to clean a waterless urinal does not differ much from that of a conventional urinal. However, maintaining sealant in the trap that sits at the base of the urinal as well as replacing the cylinder when necessary is unique to most waterless urinals.

As the urinal is used, small amounts of the sealant, which along with the cylinder keeps sewer odors from being released into the restroom, will be drained into the waste line. Manufacturers recommend replenishment, pouring three ounces of sealant directly into the cylinder, usually after about 1,500 uses.

The cylinder itself will also need to be replaced. Depending on the system, it must be replaced every couple of months. Unfortunately, some of the shortest-lasting cylinders are also the most expensive.

In most cases, manufacturers will provide detailed instructions on how to change the cylinder. Replacement on most systems is quick and easy as manufacturers offer a cartridge tool that allow cleaning personnel to twist and lift the cylinder out of the unit. Cleaners can then insert a new cartridge and twist it into place.