Carpets can act like a sponge when it comes to dirt and debris, which is why proper cleaning techniques are essential. The first step in proper carpet care is regular vacuuming. Prior to deep cleaning, vacuuming is essential in removing excess or ground in dirt and debris. Extraction and deep cleaning equipment can just push dirt around, so the more cleaners care for carpets before deep cleaning, the more effective the extraction will be. It is also important to move obstacles and post signage in areas where work is being done. This will help maximize the cleaning efficiencies and improve safety for both cleaners and the building occupants. Depending on the type of facility and the traffic within, vacuum frequencies will fluctuate anywhere from a couple times a day to weekly. It is important to determine what is best for your facility needs. After all, frequent vacuuming is recommended to help extend the life of carpets and reduce deep-cleaning frequencies.