The Americans With Disabilities Act has become a significant piece of legislation since its enactment in 1990. If the facility you manage or maintain is undergoing renovations or you’re involved in a property under construction, compliance with accessibility guidelines in public restrooms of the facility is mandatory.

According to ADA requirements, toilet tissue dispensers should be installed on the nearest side wall, a minimum of 19 inches above the floor and a maximum of 36 inches from the rear wall.

When purchasing new dispensers to comply with ADA technical requirements, make sure reach range and clear floor space requirements are met. One ideal option is to look for hands-free dispensing systems.

Options to look for in paper towel dispensing include systems that can be operated with one hand. Folded towel dispensers that offer one towel at a time dispensing or roll systems with one lever to push down for a preset length of towel or sensor-operated dispensers are ideal options because they do not require tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist. ADA Accessibility Guidelines state the highest operable part of a towel dispenser cannot be more than 48 inches high from the floor.