A reader recently wrote me asking how to expand his business of cleaning floors of small stores to accommodate regular cleaning of large offices.

Expanding into other areas of business is great since you can better weather downturns and other challenges. But as I considered the question, I had to ask if he was getting all the business from the sites he is currently servicing since he is only doing floor work at this time.

It’s easier to add services at current accounts than find new customers. In this particular case, I would find out who does the following for these customers?

1. Clean any glass fronts, awnings, trim work, etc. that can have a major impact on appearance. I know of an individual who only cleans fast food restaurant glass across a large area of the south. He schedules his travel to be in Florida during the winter and only goes north when it warms up. He has more business than he and his son can handle.

2. Pressure wash the front entrance and other areas along with pulling trash from the bus bench nearby. Again, this is an appearance item and many businesses are willing to keep these areas neat and tidy to offset a bad appearance that might drive away business.

3. Clean and sanitize the restrooms. There are companies dedicated to just providing that very essential service. Since you are already there, why not offer this service and go the extra mile by providing disinfectant, wipes and even training for staff to keep the area fresh until your return.

4. Changing out light bulbs, a/c filters, high dusting and even minor repairs such as unplugging toilets, repairing faucet leaks or replacing light switches.

5. Provide walk off mat rotation services, healthy plant maintenance services and other diversified maintenance. Let your imagination go and find needs at sites you are already working with. Why not you?

Some of these services may require licenses or certifications but if there is enough business it may be worth the investment.

Your comments and questions are important. I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, keep it clean…..

Mickey Crowe has been involved in the industry for over 35 years. He is a trainer, speaker and consultant. You can reach Mickey at 678-314-2171 or CTCG50@comcast.net