On paper, it may appear that the initial cost of a hand dryer is more than what many facilities can afford, but peering beyond upfront costs, hand dryers actually can be long-term cost savers.

With hand dryers, there is no need to buy towels to refill dispensers, the unit is always ready to perform and there are no run-outs. Paper toweling is also considered a lifetime cost where facilities will always need more toweling.

Plus, there is less work for cleaning personnel with facilities that have hand dryers because they do not have to refill or change trash as often. Hand dryers can also limit or prevent the amount of waste left by paper-towel dispensers. Facilities also recognize a decrease in vandalism, as there is no paper towels clogging sinks, urinals and toilets. With less upkeep in restrooms, cleaning staff can spend extra time on other tasks and make sure that patrons are left with a good impression of the cleanliness of the environment.