Kitchens should be full of tasty aromas, not stomach-churning odors. The typical odor offender in these areas is the drain. Animal fats, oils, grease and blood are bound to cause odors. Pouring beverages high in sugars and corn syrup down drains will add to the problem. Use of enzyme producing maintenance products will help keep drains flowing freely and without odor.

Besides sink areas, porous surfaces, appliances and waste receptacles are also culprits of odor problems. Janitors should clean surfaces daily to reduce grease build up; spills should be addressed immediately. Have building occupants check refrigerators frequently for spoiled and expired food and dispose of it right away; the inside of the fridge should also be cleaned periodically.

Finally, wash out trash receptacles after spills or leakage. Also make sure that cans are outfitted with appropriate liners — since they’ll be holding heavy food scraps, liners need to be thick.