Beyond being safer for custodial workers and building occupants, chemical-free cleaning programs also help sustain greener environments. In fact, by using products that don’t require the use of chemicals, it eliminates the need for disposal of harmful toxins into the earth, and reduces the resources required to manufacture, package and ship chemicals.

By implementing a chemical-free program that incorporates steam cleaning or activated water systems, it significantly reduces the need to purchase bottles of cleaner. This not only eliminates chemical use, but the packaging for these chemicals as well, reducing unnecessary waste in landfills.

Cleaning with activated water and steam eliminates the need for purchasing, receiving and stocking general-purpose, floor, glass, carpet and stainless steel cleaners, as well as sanitizers and disinfectants. Using steam and activated water products also eliminates the disposal of dangerous chemicals as cleaning personnel are not polluting drains with caustic chemicals. .