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* Dealing With Cost Reductions And High Expectations

* Save Cleaning Accounts By Developing ‘Plan B’

* Beware Of Vague Cleaning Bids

* Knowing The Bottom Line Is Important

* Never Bid A Facility Without Seeing It First

* Benefits Of Standardizing Cleaning Purchases

* A Mathematical Equation For Determining Your Cleaning Bid

* A Simple Approach To Bidding Cleaning Accounts

* Know Precisely What Needs To Be Cleaned Before Submitting A Bid

* There Is No Magic Number For Bidding Cleaning Contracts

* Five Tips For Improving The Bidding Process

* Service Levels At The Start Of A New Cleaning Contract

* Conduct An Inspection Before Starting A New Contract

* Custodial Snap Shot: Tenant Satisfaction

* Custodial Snap Shot: Tracking Labor Hours

* Custodial Snap Shot: Appearance Of The Janitorial Staff

* Custodial Snap Shot: Office Cleaning And Floor Or Carpet Care

* Custodial Snap Shot: Quality Control In Entrances And Restrooms

* Overview Of The Custodial Snap Shot Quality Control Process

* Managing Accounts By Complaints Is Not A Good Idea

* Keep Quality Control Processes Simple

* The Importance Of Workloading

* Scheduling Comes After Workloading

* The Difference Between Scheduling And Workloading

* Bidding A Cleaning Tag Job

* The Wrong Room Limits Effective Training

* It's More Efficient To Clean A Larger Facility

* Cleaning Productivity At Small and Large Sites

* Are You Ready To Start A Cleaning Business?

* How To Start A Cleaning Business

* Bidding Specifications

* Workloading May Require Seasonal Adjustments

* More Occupants Mean More Spills And Messes To Clean

* Facility Traffic Impacts Cleaning Specs

* Cleaning Specs Start With Flooring Type And Restroom Fixtures

* Cleaning Is Impossible Without Accurate Facility Data

* Don't Let Your Cleaning Business Become Too Dependent On Technology

* Using Smartphones In A Cleaning Business

* Workload Accounts At Least Semi-Annually

* The Best Time To Learn Workloading

* Handling Cleaning Complaints

* Implementing A Cleaning Quality Control Program

* Cleaning With A Quality Control Program

* Cleaning Bids Should Be Specific To The Customer

* Winning A Cleaning Account Takes More Than Offering A Low Price

* Establishing Credibility and Rapport With Customers

* Strategies To Winning That First Cleaning Bid

* Tips To Marketing Your Start-Up

* Tips To Make The Most Of Attending A Cleaning Convention

* Attending Cleaning Conventions Are Worthy Investments

* Janitorial Bidding Tips

* Cleaning Inspections Need To Be Unbiased

* Who Should Perform Quality Control Cleaning Inspections?

* Cleaning Lessons To Live By

* Terms To Avoid In A Cleaning Proposal

* Workloading Determines Accurate Costs For Cleaning Proposals

* What To Include In A Cleaning Proposal

* Tips For Developing Better Cleaning Proposals

* Lost The Bid? How To Get The Cleaning Account Back

* Evaluate Your Cleaning Practices And Raise Your Standards

* Questions To Ask When Preparing A Bid

* Collecting the Right Data on a Bid Walk

* Bidding Software For Building Service Contractors

* Social Media For Cleaning Industry Professionals

* Employee Management Software For BSCs

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