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Sustainability: An Advanced Course

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Years ago, businesses looking to standout could do so by adopting — and promoting — a pro-green status. Today, however, there is an emphasis on the broader concept of sustainability — a philosophy that seeks to minimize environmental impact, maximize the "triple bottom line" of profits, people and the planet, and find ways to save energy, water and other precious resources.

So how does an organization make the transition from 'green' to truly sustainable? This webcast will detail strategies for moving toward a holistic, top-down sustainable strategy that can benefit a company's internal practices as well as its bottom line. The Webcast will detail:

* Creating a sustainable culture within an organization
* Tools for improving sustainable performance, establishing benchmarks and reducing waste
* Key strategies to reduce water consumption, increase energy efficiency and decrease a company's carbon footprint
* How jan/san distributors, building service contractors and in-house executives can effectively establish themselves as a sustainable operation

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