Carpet Buffer
Onyx Engineered Products
The propane carpet buffer features a 21 Bonnet Style pad driver that fits any 17 bonnet or pad, and an 8-gallon solution-tank system complete with Shurflow pump, electric actuation level and Delevan nozzle. The machine also features 225 RPM and a powder-coated aluminum frame for easy clean up and durability.
Remco Products
This three-gallon pail is FDA-approved, color-coded and designed to withstand harsh chemicals and heat without losing its shape or rigidity. The pail features many ergonomic characteristics, including a wide pour spout, a flat rear panel with a grip molded into the base, and easy-to-read U.S. and metric measurement marks.

Disposable Mop Sheets
Atlas Graham
PuraSolutions BioMop hygienic dry mop sheets attract dirt and dust by means of a short-life electrostatic charge. After use, the sheets can be discarded in biodegradable plastic bags for disposal in municipal or compostable waste facilities. The sheets decompose in about six weeks.
Floor-care System
National Chemical Laboratories
Withstand combination sealer/finish provides a wet-look gloss from fewer coats with long-term gloss retention. Pop & Shine renovates floor finish and restores floors to maximum gloss. Together these products provide remarkable gloss, superior wear and response to UHS burnishing.
Napkin Dispenser
Cascades Tissue Group
The ServRite™ napkin dispenser distributes napkins one at a time, helping to reduce needlessly dispensed napkins. The dispenser features a 600-napkin capacity to minimize refills. Recycled napkins are available in white, Moka™ or custom printed.

Floor Squeegees
Zephyr Mfg., Co.
Moss Professional Floor Squeegees offer a variety of blades: black rubber is for general-purpose cleaning; white rubber is weather- and heat-resistant; and red Neoprene rubber resists heat, chemicals and oils. The squeegees also feature a variety of frames: standard black rubber, heavy-duty and plastic.
Touchless Tank Flushing Solution
Waterbury Cos.
TimeMist TLC Tank Flush is a touchless control system that uses infrared technology to activate the automatic flushing process. Patrons can walk away after usage without having to touch toilet handles, helping to reduce cross contamination.

Carpet Cleaning Products
Eco Concepts
Green Concepts High Performance Carpet Pre Spray - #5 and Carpet Extraction Cleaner - #6 have received the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval. The carpet products leave carpets residue-free, safe for children to crawl on, and they require less frequent cleaning.
Automatic Scrubber
NaceCare Solutions
The TwinTec 4552 walk-behind, battery autoscrubber features a patented flip-up head for easier changes, a fully adjustable handle and a quiet vacuum motor for noise-sensitive areas. The machine’s easy-to-use control panel alerts the operator to water flow, brush and battery status and offers an hour meter.
Distribution Software
Universal Business Systems
SalesPro Dashboard Web-based sales tool integrates with the company’s Paper Master product, and provides information such as new orders, backorders, daily invoices, order status, order changes, credit holds, customer usage and more, to salespeople to reduce calls back to the office. The tool utilizes Socket Technology and provides Real Time information.
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Soy Technologies
SoyGreen® is a stainless-steel all-in-one cleaner, degreaser and polisher. The product features neutral pH solvents that cut through grease and grime without streaking or spotting stainless-steel surfaces. The bio-based and biodegradable cleaner is available in 22-ounce spray, wipes, aerosols, gallon refills and bulk.
Green Floor Finish
Essential Industries
Green Finish floor finish is Green Seal GS 40 certified. It is a zinc-free, 20 percent solids finish and sealer that protects and beautifies a variety of floors, including vinyl tile, terrazzo and stone substrates. The finish applies easily, dries quickly to a high-gloss shine and repairs easily.
Norton Abrasives
The company’s microfiber cloths are available in pack bulk boxes. Red Dry Tack Cloths are designed for dry dusting applications. Blue Wet Cleaning Cloths are for general cleanup of stains and spills. Yellow Polishing Cloths leave a streak-free shine on highly polished surfaces.
Carpet Extractor
Minuteman Intl., Inc.
The Ambassador™ Series of self-contained carpet extractors offers models with two cleaning widths: the 14-inch Ambassador Jr. and the 17-inch Ambassador. Both models feature a compact and all electric design. The machines are useful in office buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and schools.
Disinfectant Cleaner
This acid-based cleaner is designed for acid-resistant natural and cast stones, ceramic tiles and synthetic materials, glass and stainless steel. The product is useful in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and institutional environments.
Dust Mop
Ha-Ste Mfg., Inc.
The ValuLoop Dust Mop offers high launderability and reduced drying times. The mop is available in two construction styles: keyhole with ties or snaps, and Slot Pocket. Both styles utilize durable, looped-end, four-ply synthetic-blend yarn.