Most foodservice facilities use wet wipes to clean tables and chairs in the dining areas, but any nonporous surface can be effectively cleaned and sanitized using wipes, distributors say.
“Wipes can be used on any surface that comes in contact with food or people,” says Rathbun. “This can include food prep surfaces in the kitchen as well as tabletops where food is served.”
Wipes are also popular in the front of the restaurant for areas such as cash registers, point-of-sale areas, bar surfaces and waste stations, says Lettero.
In addition, restaurant owners also favor wet wipes for quick, effective cleanups in restrooms.
“Most restaurants will check the restroom a couple of times an hour,” says Davis. “You can walk in with a wipe and very quickly clean the sink, faucet, handles and dispensers.”
How often staff should clean with wet wipes depends on what area of the establishment they’re cleaning. Tabletops should be wiped down between customers, whereas food prep areas can be cleaned on an as-needed basis.
“It’s common sense,” says Rathbun. “If you’re prepping food and you’re done with one dish, the surface should be wiped down before you go on to the next dish.”
Food safety experts recommend wiping and sanitizing every surface that comes in contact with food, including countertops, slicers, grinders, cutting boards and equipment, after each use. 
To validate cleanliness, Tanner suggests doing a swab study to ensure the facility’s disinfection approach is working as expected.

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