Besides picking, voice software manufacturers also are selling distributors on the ability to use voice for other processes in the warehouse. While the most common application for voice technology is order picking, this technology can also be utilized for receiving, put-away, loading and inventory management.

The majority of distributors in the jan/san industry are not currently using voice for these applications. However, there are some potential advantages of taking advantage of these add-ons.

Put-away and replenishment operations can either be user-driven, where workers identify the pallet to be stored, or they can put the pallet where the system suggests. The storage location then is sent along with the task completion information and is tracked in real-time by the company's WMS.

Loading can also be beneficial via voice as the software coordinates pallets, loads, doors and trucks, confirming that warehouse workers are at the correct loading dock door before loading commences. Thus, minimizing product movement and maximize their productivity.