The third part of this three-part article looks at dispensers for long-roll towels and tissues.

Although some long-roll towel and tissue dispensers have a larger footprint than standard-size dispensers, many systems today feature a slim profile that fits well in most facilities, says distributors.

In restroom stalls where space is limited,customers may need to be more cognizant of the tissue dispenser’s size and location. Some of the most common types of dispensers accommodate a single jumbo roll, two jumbo rolls side by side or a single roll with a stub-roll feature. And though coreless tissue is typically housed in a proprietary dispenser, customers can retrofit standard recessed dispensers with an adapter for coreless rolls. Some adapters consist of end caps that grip each side of the coreless roll, while others offer spindles that fit through the center of coreless rolls, if there is enough space in the middle.

“If a customer has a standard toilet tissue dispenser, there are some easy adapters they can use to take a small coreless roll and essentially double their capacity without changing dispensers,” says Martini. “It keeps a slimmer profile of dispenser for customers that are aesthetically conscious.”

That slimmer dispenser profile is important, and not just to save space in a stall or a small restroom.

“Sometimes facilities feel larger dispensers are more institutional, and they aren’t as attractive,” says Schneringer.

Fortunately, many of today’s high-capacity dispensers are more attractive than their predecessors.

“Manufacturers have realized that people want modern, attractive-looking dispensers, so they’ve spent a lot of research dollars creating dispensers that look really good,” says Martini.

Upscale long-roll dispenser options, such as stainless steel, are popular when aesthetics are important to the customer. But distributors should be careful, says Schneringer, since those dispensers are more expensive, and distributors will have to pass that expense on to their customers.

Today’s long-roll products and dispensers come in as many variations as standard rolls, so customers don’t have to sacrifice quality or aesthetics. And new technologies are producing stronger paper while retaining softness and absorbency.
“Long-roll towel and tissue is getting really diverse,” says Martini. “Suppliers have come to realize that one type doesn’t fit all.”

Kassandra Kania is a freelance writer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a frequent contributor to Sanitary Maintenance.

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